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Gary Game Changers

Meet Adrian Wells

Adrian Wells is a powerhouse, a former news reporter with a CBS affiliate; she’s well-spoken, well-dressed, accomplished, and most importantly, a “mompreneur” with a touch of controlled impulsive behavior for flavor. She’s renowned for her boutique luxury concierge agency in Atlanta, but her true passion lies in collaborating with her daughter, Journee, to transform narratives, beginning with their hometown of Gary, Indiana.

About Gary Game Changers

Our strategy starts in the most diverse areas of Gary, Indiana, improving our home sales process directly. We concentrate on one neighborhood at a time, with rehabbing and new construction homes. This allows the city and surrounding areas to see actual growth instead of “one-offs”.
We must involve the neighbors by encouraging them to help us turn their community around. With neighbor involvement, we’ve seen drastic improvement and a decrease in crime with the neighbor’s contribution. We give back to the neighborhood by donating part of our proceeds with each property, directly to a community organization in the neighborhood to improve the community as they see fit.
Since Gary has approximately 70 percent renters and 30 percent (owner-occupied homeowners)
Our immediate focus is changing the narrative in the entire city by offering modern homes. 

Our Vision

Support the Gary Game Changers by offering a  network of thought leaders and resources to carry out their goals and their individual missions within a collective group. 

Our Mission

Our mission to change the narrative of Gary, Indiana, by providing additional leadership to the current city government and local community through education, arts, entertainment and real estate.

Meet our team

Journee Wells

Co-Founder & Design Visionary
+ (404) 840-1512

Ryan Yancey

+ (470) 602-5151

Laura Martinez

Project and Operations Manager
+ (229) 469-8904

Julian Cardona

Project Manager Assistant
+ (229) 469-8791



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